The Website

Mysticgardengifs is an home and garden website with hundreds of free patterns & tutorials covering sewing, Animal Care & Pets, Crafts & Hobbies, Gardening & Horticulture, Home-buying, Interior Design and more. The site also offers many tutorials on How-to & Home Improvements. All patterns and tutorials in Craft Passion come in full details with step-by-step photos which are easy to follow.

Started in late 2012, MysticGardenGifts has been growing rapidly and gaining popularity and recognition and is now one of the biggest independent home and garden site on the internet.

Currently, Mystic Garden Gifts accepts advertisements, affiliate programs, guest tutors posts, giveaway contributors and product reviews. If you’re interested, please fill out the contact form.

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The Author

MysticGardenGifts is authored by Joanne. K, who holds a MSc. in Clinical Biochemistry and together with her husband, own and run a Clinical Laboratory. Joanne spends most of her work-free time taking care of her 2 kids while developing patterns, reviews and tutorials for MysticGardenGifts. Her passion in writing about home and garden stuffs and positive feedbacks from readers motivate her to up her game in creating more contents.

When Joanne is not writing contents at home or working in the office, she sources materials online or on the ground and streets. She is constantly looking for inspiration from the latest trends and fashion and finding ways to turn them into work for her craft. If she’s in front of her computer, she is editing and compiling her tutorials and product reviews to be shared in MysticGardenGifts. Occasionally, Joanne cooks for her family and share some family recipes there too.